Just an ABDL Blog (NSFW)

New wet diaper video =D

For this one, i had hold for quite some time. I woke up and got to pee, but then i stayed almost 10 hours holding my pee and drinking water. Beeing able do wet my diaper was the best after all that

I meant just peed :)


In that case, i will post a new wet diaper video soon =)

Picture of a recently soiled diaper discarded please :)

I don`t mess my diapers >

so, you people have any request for pics or videos today? :)
I’m not abdl just dl


Iā€™m not a baby just a diaperboy I like age play but I see myself as a thirteen or fourteen year old bedwetter playing with my toys and bicycles and experimenting with sex with my other bedwetter friends reblog if you are the same

Exactally as i see myselfh. Maybe seeing myselfh as a bit younger, but mostly is what i feel too

And here you have another request video. This time, the request was of a changing diaper video, so here it is =D

If anyone has any other requests, i will be glad to post what i have ^^

Can you do a diaper change video please?

Sure. I think i have an old one of me changing. I will try to upload today ^^

Reblog this if it’s okay to talk to you and be your friend and ask you weird questions.

And for the end of the day, here is a set of me in soaked diapers =D

Another requested video… kind of.

Someone has requested me to do more wetting videos. But the only one i could find was this one, that is also a masturbation video. Anyway, still hope you people like it =)