Just an ABDL Blog (NSFW)
Finaly back /o/ But not exactaly =( Read bellow

Well, i’m fanally able to post again. Unfortunally, i can’t buy or wear diapers for at least another month =(. I can, tho, make underwear and erotic pics, but i don’t know if any of my followers would like. But in any case, i can still make the diaper fantasy series and other posts like that. I will try my best to not let this tumblr die for another month and i hope you people will like ^^

My God, i can’t stand it >< Since i woke up i’m with this HUGE urge to get naked… Yet, i’m not home alone and could be seen… DAMMIT! ><’
No more pics for a wile (read below)

So, for the next couple of weeks it will be impossible for me to buy diapers, let alone take pictures and post online. So this blog will probably not have any activity for a month or so. I don’t know if people would miss it of not, but i just wanted my folowers to know what happened if they happen to notice. No, it’s not permanent and i will keep posting pics and videos as soon as i can, but it will take some time. Thats all ^^

Just some pics =)

Just changing my diapers. Fron Adult to baby diapers =)

Just me laying on my bed =)

Make a video where you do a poo in the diaper?

I don’t do poop in my diapers

thanks, I hope in the soon as possible. you think you can succeed within today?

No, i don’t think i can do that soon =/ 

Make a video where you masturbate and then take off the diaper and you pee? please please pleaseees

It may be dificult, but i will try and post as soon as i can =)